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  Pool of Radiance  
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to my Pool of Radiance homage

  I have put together some information on one of my all-time favorite computer games as well as D&D modules. The characters link below is a .zip file with a saved game that you can pull characters from to use - they are loaded down with magical items and loads of treasure. If you don't want to use them, you can still take their items for your own characters to use.
Game Codes

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Proclamation I:

This Pool of Radiance Homage was originally created by Ben Quinton and hosted on Yahoo's Geocities site. On 10/26/2009, Yahoo eliminated its Geocities service. I have tried to contact Ben about duplicating the site, however the email associated with the site was no longer active. Having no idea whether he had planned on moving the site to a different host and no way of contacting him, I have duplicated his PoR Homage so to save it from Geocities Magical Delete Button. Ben, If your out there, I can be reached by clicking email.

Proclamation II:

Today, (5/13/2011) I received an email from Ben Quinton, the owner of the original Geocities "Pool of Radiance Homage" site.
He has found our website, and there was much rejoicing! :o)
Ben has a new/alternate location for his Pool of Radiance Homage, which can be found here
& click here for his homepage.
A very big thank you to Ben, for creating all these maps, walkthroughs, and imagery, from all of us Pool of Radiance fanatics!