dw cover image
dw cover image

Click here for the video intro to "The Devil Whiskey

dw tavern
dw tavern

Devil Whiskey demo (Windows version)

System Requirements for DW
Requires hardware-accelerated OpenGL. Has been tested successfully with nVidia and ATI graphics cards, using the latest vendor drivers. Requires at least 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended), and at least a Pentium III or AMD Athlon class processor.


Devil Whiskey demo (Linux version)

DW Demo(Linux installer version 1.2)

NOTE: The Linux distribution of Devil Whiskey has been tested on RedHat Linux 7.3, RedHat Linux 9 and Mandrake Linux 9.1 and found to work. The Linux distribution does not come packaged with compiled versions of the dependencies necessary to run the game. Aside from the release above, the Linux distribution requires the following:

Python >= 2.2.1 (NOTE: Must be Python 2.2.x!)
SDL >= 1.2.5
SDL_image >= 1.2.3
SDL_mixer >= 1.2.5
SMPEG (CVS from icculus.org)

Link to the official Devil Whiskey Demo download page

Purchase Full Version of Devilwhiskey

If you enjoyed playing the Devil Whiskey demo, please show your support and purchase the full Devil Whiskey game.

Devilwhiskey Official site

Decklin's Domain (Buy Devil Whiskey Box+CD+Manual)

Decklin's Domain @ e-junkie.com (Buy Devil Whiskey Download)

Devil Whiskey Manual

The Devil Whiskey Manual .PDF

Devilwhiskey toolkit

The toolkit allows you to create your own dungeons, mazes, subquests, etc.

Devil Whiskey Tools

Devilwhiskey mods

Always back up your game + save's, and read the readme files before using mods.


The Devil Whiskey MEGAMOD project (updated as of 10/7/2012)
The MEGAMOD contains the following Devil Whiskey modifications
Rickstavern's (RT) -beta patch (version 2.01b-unofficial)
(RT)-Defend Rennibister!
(RT)-The Great Oracle
(RT)-Tales of the North
Dragonbait's -The Basement
Origen's -Devil Whiskey Add-on
Origen & KSS's Temple of the Elements
KSS's Druids Challenge
KSS's Ye Shoppe
& a few fixes and some foliage for the wilderness thanx to RT. + script fixes for Ye Shoppe

Devil Whiskey MEGAMOD-v02a

The bard's tale mod requires devilwhiskey version 2.0 to run properly. Read the readme file before installation.

Origen's "Bard's Tale I" Devil Whiskey mod

the Devil Whiskey Action Editor:

DW action editor

DW actions skills/spells hex #'s

Devilwhiskey patches

Always back up your game + save's, and read the readme files before using patches
NOTE: *These patches are for archival purposes. Instead of using the patches below, install the DWMEGAMOD above, as the DWMEGAMOD also contains the most recent and up to date patch.*


DevilWhiskey-2_01-beta patch zip

DevilWhiskey-2.01a-beta patch zip

Rickstavern's unofficial DW Patch DW2.01b-unofficial.zip

Some dw images

Saurian in Ascii

Skeleton in Ascii

dw map

Devilwhiskey box picture (front+back) link

Devilwhiskey cover front

Devilwhiskey cover back

Devilwhiskey links

dw map

Devilwhiskey (official site)

Devilwhiskey (Forums)

Devilwhiskey (Yahoo Group)


Origen's Message Board

Rickstavern's site "http://home.comcast.net/~tavernx/" *dead link*

Some Devil WHiskey threads, pics, & info

DouglasB's DW Mini-Site

Una's lucky Devil Whiskey Dice

Devil Whiskey Sound Files

Bell Toll 1

Bell Toll 5







Growler's Devil Whiskey Files

Growler's Devil Whiskey Files Page

Jy Blaste's DW 2.01b XP Chart

Jy Blaste's DW 2.01b XP Chart

yarow12's DW 2.01b /Megamod v02a item list

yarow12's DW 2.01b /Megamod v02a item list

Bard's Legacy

Bard's Legacy Mirror Page

Wolfdeer's writings

The Gnome, The Knight and the Wyrm

Some various pics

basement map