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I have decided to go through the original Pool of Radiance one last time and post screenshots of the game as i'm going through it. (A walkthrough with images.) Note: For nostalgia purposes, text on this page contains the Gold Box Games font. If you do not have this font for your computer, you can download it at the link below...
SSI Gold Box Font

In the Beginning:
The Slums:
Having gathered the weapons and armor from the local equipment shop, everyone headed towards the old section of town. The city council is offering a reward for clearing the slums of any uncivilized inhabitants.

Entering the Slums

The fortune teller:
We stumbled upon a fortune teller who gave us insight on our future. We must prepare for what lies ahead. (Did they really need the option to attack the fortune teller?)

Conversation with the orcs:
If you parlay with the orcs, make sure you act sly. Acting haughty, meek, nice or abusive will only anger them.

Potion mission:
In the slums there is a mage' who sends us on a mission to retrieve a potion from the old rope guild. We need to speak his name. (Ohlo). If you are looking for a decent battle, then when you return with the bottle to the mage, you can ask him for more money. He will be offended and attack the party with a whole crew to back him up, so be prepared. He has a wand of magic missles.

We ran into some Trolls in the old rope guild. They weren't friendly. Remember when battling trolls to have one of your characters stand on top of where the trolls corpse would be. That way the trolls don't regenerate. = the equivalent of burning the trolls.

Battle with the Trolls:

Battle in the Slums:
Battling the leaders of the slums. First fight with some larger than human monsters. Still a fairly easy fight.

Entering Sokal Keep:
Outside the Keep there was a skeleton with an old cloth with elvish runes. Upon Translation the passwords read- Lux, Shestni, and Samosud. Speak shestni and samosud to the skeleton patrols to avoid battle while entering and leaving the keep and lux to the ghost at the temple. Also while your at the Sokol Keep, there is a secret door in the northern section that leads to a room with some valuable loot.

The skeleton outside the keep:

Lux, Samosud, Shestni

Kudo's Well:
Below the well we found the secret hideout of the infamous Noris the gray and his band of thieves

Noris The gray

Entering the Plaza
Yeah...get out your monster masks. We're gonna mingle!

The Auction:
We are sent to the Plaza to find out what magical item is being auctioned

Drinkin' in the Plaza (I just couldn't resist)

We are the experts

Dragonspine Mountains
During our trek through the mountains we came accross the cave of Diogenes. Here we sought his advice and he sends us to find an efreeti bottle within the Kobold Lair

Diogenes: The Silver Dragon

Kobold Lair
After defeating the Kobold king and his minions we found the bottle in the treasure room. Inside the bottle is an Efreeti which will help us fight the undead in the Valingen Graveyard. (Provided that none of us are vampires of course)

Altar of Bane:
So kind of the orcs to let us into their evil temple. Gotta get donations from somewhere I guess.

Altar of Bane:
And here we pray to our God so that the almighty will inflict pain and punishment upon our enemies. Knock it off!!! Destroy the evil temple already!!!

Stojanow Gate:
There are bugbears guarding the gate. As you are walking through the streets, a man has a cart that he offers to sell you. You should buy it from him and try to get past the guards with the cart. There is a way to do it, but this time around, I just tried an all out frontal assault on the gates. (my party nearly died)

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